Souls Thrive Or Souls Crumple, Choose Wisely by Debbie Harris

I have seen

a soul crumple

when Christ-less

jagged words,

angry expressions,

or vocal tonal cruelty

has been spoken.


I have seen

a soul thrive

when Christ-filled

encouraging words,

joy-filled expressions,

and vocal tonal positives

have been spoken.


Royal children of

the King of Kings

and Lord of Lords,

choose wisely for

we all will be held

accountable  for

every single jagged word,

every single cruel non-verbal

and every single verbal expression

on that sobering time, judgment day.

Choose wisely royal children of

the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!




Suspend by Debbie Harris

May the inerrant Word of our God suspend

like diamond and pearl filled chandeliers

twinkling with never-ending strands of

grace in our hearts, minds, souls, and lives.

So much so that our Triune God’s incessant

and beauty-filled light, love, mercy, and

grace of Jesus welcomes all  to come into the

Cross-procured, treasure-filled and joy -filled eternal

and Heavenly Kingdom of the Lion and the Lamb

Our Hope Is In Our Triune God by Debbie Harris

Our hope is in our

Heavenly Father,

our Savior, Jesus

and the Holy Spirit

who empowers,

encourages, convicts

us moves us to be

more and more like

God’s only begotten Son.

Our source is limitless.

Our Heavenly citizenship

is eternally secure. Our

hope is lavishly ceaseless.

For it is based on our precious,

Holy, majestic  Triune God

and what He has done. May

our praise for our Triune God

be forever etched in our hearts,

souls, minds, lives, as we joyfully

proclaim His loving, victorious,

merciful, grace-filled good news.




Imago Dei-Made In The Image of Our Triune God God by Debbie Harris

Before we speak, may we as God’s royal, precious and redeemed saints accept

the holy challenge, blessing and privilege  that the person or persons we are

speaking to are made in the  image of God, and then speak with this majestic

doctrine in mind, heart, soul, Imago Dei. made in the image of our Triune  God.


Before we act, may we as God’s royal ambassadors, representatives of the one

and only eternal kingdom accept the holy challenge, blessing, and privilege that

the person or persons  we are  choosing to act upon are made in the image

of God, and then act upon such souls with this majestic doctrine in mind,

heart, soul, Imago Dei, made in the image of our Triune God.


Before we think, may we as God’s chosen people, redeemed, bought with the

precious blood of Christ, clothed with the royal robes of Christ’s forgiveness,

mercy, grace, and love, called children, Saint of God, royal heirs  think thoughts

that are fragrant with the fruits of the Spirit not filled with the culture of the

age. May we think royal, Heavenly, Biblical  thoughts. May our thoughts, minds,

souls hearts be ceaselessly filled with  the majestic doctrine of Imago Dei, made

in the image of our Triune God. Perhaps this royal doctrine acted upon by the

redeemed will bring more souls into the loving eternal realm of the King of Kings!


Imago Dei-made in the image of our God.

Imago Dei-made in the image of our God.

Imago Dei-made in the image of our God for

His glory, for His Kingdom, to show forth

His eternal, ceaseless, merciful, grace-filled love.

Saints, Imago Dei-made in the image of our God.

Redeemed, Rare, And Radiant Jewelers by Debbie Harris

May we be the ones that when we speak

of our Triune God or  others that we are the

redeemed, rare, and radiant jewelers that cast forth

light and love-filled words full of beauty, truth,

mercy, grace, and wisdom. May we be the ones

whose speech, minds, souls, lives are adorned with

biblically faceted gemstones full of diamonds, emeralds,

pearls, sapphires, topaz, ruby, and amethyst mined from

the lavish wealth and favor that is found in our  Triune God alone!

May all who are brought our way come to see, feel, know,

and realize the spiritual riches we truly, undeservedly,

but mercifully have is because of Jesus Christ, our adoring,

loving, grace-filled, victorious, resurrected, majestic Savior and Lord