Oh How Truly Rich We Are When We Know Jesus Christ As Our Savior And Lord by Debbie Harris

I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decketh himself with ornaments, and as a bride adorneth herself with her jewels.

Isaiah 61:10 (KJV)


There might not be excessive material abundance circumstantially.

But oh how absolutely  thrilling that there is always divine and

super natural abundance  found in the spiritual and beauty filled

eternal riches and blessings we have in Jesus Christ, our Lord!

From earthly sunrises and sunsets, to the beauty drenched

Christ-created creation created and decorated  by our divine Redeemer-

Creator to the eternal riches found in the precious Words, truths, corrections,

of the gold and diamond filled instructions of our Triune God.  But oh how

rich we truly are when we have the ultimate privilege of knowing Jesus Christ

as our personal Savior and Lord. But oh how truly, truly, truly blessed we are

when have the ultimate earthly and heavenly privilege of  knowing

Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and Lord.



Staggered By Christ’s Banner Over Us Which Is Love by Debbie Harris

So staggered I am at divine royal, holy beauty. Our Triune God’s

tapestried, bejeweled royal elegance makes me never want to leave

such an exquisite magnificent presence. It is the kind of Holy beauty

that made me want to linger and memorize their Trinitarian essence

so that what I sensed could be internalized and externalized in the

golden, silver, bronze, and charcoal moments of life. I knew that

anyone who saw such a Holy, divine, wonder would be changed from

the inside out for the rest of their life. I chose to stay there for hours

in such a divine beauty in the throne room of the King of Kings, creator

of all light.  And I knew that this privilege was granted to all believers

who spent time in prayer or in God’s Holy beauty drenched word.

This privilege of gazing on and meditating on the tapestried,

beauty-filled, bejeweled banner over every soul, the banner of

Christ’s, Holy, transformative, redeeming, love makes me worship

our Lord and Savior even more.




The Words Of the Holy, Inerrant Bible Are The Only Words That Can Define True Authentic Christians by Debbie Harris

With every Christ-created sunrise to sunset gift called day,

we get to choose whether the Holy, living, active, sharper than

any two edged sword defines us or the sin-filled words of humanity

define us. May we always choose to be chiseled and transformed by

the gemstone words of life found in God’s Holy, majestic, living, life-giving,

divine, inerrant words called, the Holy Bible, gift to all who love Jesus Christ,

King of Kings and Lords of Lords with all their hearts, souls, and minds!

For the words of  the Holy, inerrant Bible are the only words that truly define

the true, authentic Christian, blood bought saint of the eternal kingdom to come

Fill Us To Capacity With Your Eternal Majestic Hope by Debbie Harris

Our hope is in the

unseen, eternal,

unshakeable, majestic

beauty, hope, mercy

love filled Kingdom

of our Triune God.

This eternal,

blood -bought,

cross -procured,

hope which is

Jesus and His

free and inestimiable

gift of salvation will

keep us pressing on.

Precious Jesus,

fill us to capacity

with your eternal

ceaseless light

imbued with royal

amethyst hope.

Amen and Amen

The Sacred, Divine, And Holy Armor Of Glistening And Heavenly Light by Debbie Harrris

When enemy sourced words

fly like an arsenal of weapons,

against a child of the most High God,

may we as soldiers of the Cross

put on our full armor apparel and

stand in the words of our Yaweh God

not in the enemy sourced words

whose aim is to lie, kill, and destroy.

For the sacred, divine and holy armor of

glistening and Heavenly light is no match

for the blackened and sharp barbs and

arrows of the father of all  lies.

Stand fast in the words of our God.

Hold  fast to the words of our God.

Rejoice that the truth of the living word

of God is the only truth that matters.




Spiritual Wealth by Debbie Harris

In the precious quiet moments

that our loving triune God bestows,

may we with eyes of faith know

the spiritual riches we have in

Christ Jesus our Lord. For it is

in spiritual wealth, we have

all the treasure we could ever

need, yea more than this dusty

world could ever, ever hold!

For he or she who has Jesus Christ

in their hearts already has found

abundant life and secured the

ceaseless favor of the Lord.

The Golden, Triumphant, Eternal, Unshakable Promises Of Our Glorious Trinitarian God Is Our Wealth by Debbie Harris

The golden , triumphant eternal Kingdom promises of our glorious

Trinitarian God is our ceaseless, unshakable eternal, Cross bought.

blood wrought, joy-filled victorious Heavenly wealth. Rejoice, grab hold

of  the divinely  given promises of our God…… then know…  then really know

the  majestic riches  of our glorious,  eternal  unchangeable faith in Jesus Christ,

Yeshua,  trustworthy author  of our lives.  The golden, triumphant, eternal

Kingdom  promises of our  glorious Trinitarian God is our ceaseless, unshakable,

eternal,  Cross bought, blood wrought joy-filled, victorious, Heavenly wealth.