There by Debbie Harris

There is within the heart

of every passionate believer

a Holy flame of Father, Son

and Holy Spirit that grows

greater with prayer,

scripture reading,

and with ready and

joyful obedience.

May this joyous

Holy flame be the

only Holy joy filled

fire that we desire.


The Joyous Gift of A Christ-Centered View by Debbie Harris

As the plane sits

on the runway,

the earthly forecast

is rainy, dark, and dreary

no hope of a sun filled sky.

The plane takes off

and heads higher and

higher into the sky .

As the plane enters

into the Heavenlies,

resting above the earthly

reality, the clouds are

lit up with the light of day

and the sun is shining

with a brilliant divine

and Heavenly display.

So may we shift our focus

whenever earthly dreariness

threatens our soul to the

light filled divine and Holy

wonder filled-view, where

Christ becomes our focus,

our  ceaseless diamond-like,

light and joy filled Heavenly

view whose glory and celestial

light can never be dimmed.

Divine and Holy Humility by Debbie Harris

Our Triune God’s

most holy, Heavenly

& divinely beautiful

garment is blessed

beautiful humility.

May this be the

divine and Holy

garment that we

as His royal heirs

are found always

joyfully wearing

in this age of

self promotion

self exaltation and

social constructivism.

May the golden and

ornate frames of our

lives be based only

and always on

the inerrant Biblical

framework of Calvary’s love,





Holy Fire by Debbie Harris

The precious cross of Christ,

salvation’s inestimable gift,

the rubies of wisdom from

the living innerrant words of God,

the good news of the gospel,

these are the divine and holy

flames that should always be

burning in our hearts, so much

so that Christ and salvation’s

free and Holy gift is always a

Holy fire that is on our minds,

hearts, souls, and lips the only

eternal gift that can never no

ever, not ever be taken away.

Create in us a divine and

Holy fire that never ceases

until we see thee face to face.