In the lush green pasturelands of differing shades of emerald greens, were found shepherds that journeyed far and near to tend their flocks of little lambs. Beauty was all around these mountainous pasture lands of immense velvet green. Cascading waterfalls were numerous and the dazzling pools of blue were deep, clear and purely refreshing as droplets of water fell from rock to rock to rock. Such was this idyllic land of beauty and plenty. So much so that shepherds came from distant and foreign places to bring their lambs to graze and rest in this exquisite patchwork quilt of varying shades of green, green pastureland.

One Shepherd named,Only The Best Will Do,only included in their flock the most beautiful sheep, the most well bred, the most well fed, the most elegant, the most refined, the rest who came to try to be a part of this flock, would be chased away for only the best will do.

One Shepherd named,Faithful and True, accepted all the little lambs that came into the flock, no matter what they looked like, no matter what they had done, all were loved by this Shepherd each and every precious one.

One Shepherd named,Harshly Arrogant, decided to only accept the white as snow little lambs and if so much as one spot, one speck of black was found on any of these little lambs, that Shepherd would banish them from the pastureland and send them away one by one.

One Shepherd named,Courageously Brave, accepted all lambs, all sheep who were bruised, wounded, or whose spirits were broken and nursed them back to health again.

One Shepherd named,Arrogantly High Minded, only accepted the advanced educated Lambs into their flock and any member of the flock that did not have multiple degrees and who could not exceptionally perform was rejected and immediately turned away.

Until one day a royal shepherd came, a Prince of Peace who was so kind and dear to all he would meet that all the flocks just knew that this must be the Princely Shepherd whose Father was the King of Kings. This must be the royal Heir who owns the emerald green pasturelands of beauty and plenty. For this Princely Shepherd had a smile as bright as the glistening sun, a voice as kind and welcoming as a Spring filled breezy day, a presence so majestically warm and forgiving that instantly all were drawn in by His love and tender care.

And so to celebrate all the newly gathered flocks and shepherds to the pastureland of beauty and plenty, a royal invitation was sent out welcoming all to to come to The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb. All were welcomed. All would be royally received. All would be celebrated guests of this Divine and royal heir who owned the pasturelands that were so fair. All would receive royal robes of exquisite welcoming. All would feast at the table of the Prince of Peace. All was free. Just come as you are, accept and receive the royal invitation from the royal Shepherd, the princely son of the King of Kings.

The royal invitations had been sent out and reminders of the royal event were being heralded throughout the land that all who would come and knock at the door would be joyously let in by the royal Shepherd man.

The long awaited feast day came. The palace was lavishly decorated and beautifully lit with lacy chandeliers of grandeur and beauty that were filled with layer upon layer of crystal strands. The banquet table was deliciously filled and the banquet hall was majestically and imperially decorated to receive all the royal guests from far and near.

The golden bejeweled clock ticked slowly as if petrified in stone. The royal Shepherd waited and waited…but no one came. Still, the royal heir waited for someone to come. Expectantly, hopefully, he waited, this kind and tender Shepherd, royal heir, Son of the King of Kings.

It was then one timid, rejected, reticent, black little lamb crept slowly to the palace of the royal Shepherd. As the little black lamb walked up each and every majestic golden step, the light within the gates of splendor grew brighter and brighter reminding the little lamb that indeed their fleece was black as black could be. “How can I even consider to enter into a royal palace with a fleece so black as black can be. No shepherd would ever want me.” It was then the little black lamb nervously reminded themselves that, “Indeed I received a royal invitation to The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb.” Anxiously the little black lamb found the crumbled up royal invitation and smiled when they saw the glistening royal insignia on the envelope and their name inscribed so beautifully in gold upon the royal invitation, To The Little Black Lamb. Encouraged the Little Black Lamb began to muster their courage up to go and knock on this beautiful palatial door. A door so beautiful one like they had never seen before. The Little Black Lamb stood before the door and slowly, haltingly, timidly, courageously yet gently knocked upon the magnificent palatial door and immediately the exquisite door was joyfully opened.

The Shepherd exuberantly and delightfully smiled and ecstatically said, “Welcome Little Lamb. Welcome to The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb.”

Said the Little Black Lamb to the regal, royal, resplendent Shepherd, “Here is my invitation. I accept and will receive with all my heart your royal invitation.”

“Little Lamb what is your name?” the royal Shepherd asked.

“Little Black Lamb for my fleece is as black as black can be.”

“Ah,” he said, “Look again and tell me what you see Little Lamb?”

The Little Black Lamb looked down again to see their fleece was no longer black as black could be. The Little Black Lamb’s fleece was white as glistening snow. Their robe of welcoming was velvet white with diamonds shimmering row upon row upon row. Inside the royal vesture was a divinely created royal crest woven in Heaven’s brocaded gold and silver strands for only the little lamb to see. And on the inside silken folds of the shimmering velvet white royal robe was elegantly and regally embroidered, JOINT HEIR OF JESUS CHRIST, ROYAL CHILD OF THE KING OF KINGS, REDEEMED!